...because what matters most is knowing what matters most

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Our lives are busy

Juggling our career, family, fun, friends and health together can be extremely demanding
We all want to get the most from our lives, but unless we know what the most important thing is to be focused on, we can find ourselves wondering where our precious time went

wotMatters can help

wotMatters© lets you see the things that are important to you, and helps you to stay focused on them
You can group all of your notes, events, documents and other sources of inspiration together and switch between them quickly and easily

And it doesn't stop there

wotMatters© also provides the following great features...

Artificial Intelligence

We are introducing various forms of AI to help take the hard work out of finding the important things to focus on.


Bring up all of the information you need for a meeting or a task at the click of a button - great for people bouncing between meetings

Data Security

All of your information is kept in Google data centres, using industry-strength encryption, so you know it's secure. Your notes are kept in your Google Drive - it's your data.

Frequent Updates

We use this tool internally to manage our own work, and regularly find ideas to improve and simplify the experience. Once they're tested, these automatically become available to all users.

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